Zavasax was born in 2007 within the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. There, Javier Alloza and Juana Palop begin to work together with the idea of making chamber music in its simplest expression: work in duo. They are developed under the advice and influences of Arno Bornkamp and Walter van Hauwe, shaping the aesthetics and ideas that represent their conception of chamber music. When finishing their studies in Amsterdam, the need to forge themselves on stage and continue to evolve them. has led to maintain a continuous concert and pedagogical activity. Rooms such as Bernard Haitinkzaal, Ignatiushuis, Sweelinckzaal, Muziekgebouw, in Holland, concerts such as the Inauguration of the II Cultural Encounter of the Earth “SinMuga 2010” or the Inauguration of XII International Competition of Juventudes Musicales in Spain are a small representation of this activity.

Both have been collaborators of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and the Teatro Real, participating in some of the most relevant operas of the saxophonist repertoire.

There they have had the opportunity to continue growing together in another musical field, working with first line directors like Pablo Heras Casado, Eliahú Inbal, Emmanuel Villaume or Teodor Currentzis and participating in an international tour of the Teatro Real that took them to the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow in 2011.

In 2009 they get the 3rd Prize in the International Musical Youth Competition, and it will be from this moment when their activity intensifies. Currently they teach courses and masterclasses throughout Spain. In 2014 they are invited to the International Saxophone Festival to teach masterclass and present their project “Inventions” at the Muziekgebouw, sharing the poster with Paquito Rivera, James Carter, Otis Murphy, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Claude Delangle or Brandford Marsalis.

Deeply concerned with the diffusion and pedagogy of the saxophone, they create the International Course-Festival of Saxophone “Alcosax“, one of their most ambitious and beloved projects, which annually gathers students from all of Spain and that has international saxophonists as guest lecturers.

After 8 years working together, and the result of a deep reflection about the repertoire for this training, in 2015 Zavasax feels the need to capture the musical and artistic conception of his career in a record work.

The Eduardo del Pueyo Auditorium in Zaragoza is the chosen environment to carry out the project, Neu Records responsible for directing and advising. This is how “Inventions” was born, the debut CD of Zavasax Saxophone Duo. A fresh repertoire, worked with deep care, with original works and transcriptions.Bach, Lauba, Ferrer Ferrán or Singelée are a sample of the versatility of the training. After an intense year of craftsmanship, Zavasax presents “Inventions”.


Inventions – Zavasax Saxophone Duo



By Zavasax Saxophone Duo
Release date: 2019-06-01