In SONANDO group, several worlds come together: flamenco, classical and jazz.

Starting from a distinctly flamenco idea, the doors open wide and there is space for other musical influences, from the East to the West, from quietness to momentum.

Its components share the desire and passion for art in this project. The aesthetics and elegance of the dance, the warmth of the saxophone, the harmonic contribution of the bass, the strength of the cante and the percussion mark a clear international projection.

Guitars: Antonio Flores and Virginio Prieto (Professor of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Córdoba)

Vocals / Percussion: José Prieto “El Caja”

Dance and Palmas: Desiré Rodríguez “La Merenguita” (National Flamenco Art Award)

Saxophone (Soprano / Alto): Javier Alloza (Professor of the Superior Conservatory of Seville)

Bass: Lolo González